From the series: Zack Herry


A Thriller
Narrated by: Shaun Grindell
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From the series: Zack Herry


A Thriller
Written by: Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman | Narrated by: Shaun Grindell
Zack Herry works as a Stockholm police officer during the day — and parties at night. But when four women are found brutally murdered, Zack must shape up and unmask the killer before even more lives are claimed… “Top-notch Swedish noir” (Booklist starred review).


Zack Herry is the golden boy who has stumbled into a career in the Stockholm police force. At night, he hangs out at the clubs, partying with the people he should really be arresting. He knows that it won’t last, but he can’t help himself, even as he starts being investigated by internal affairs. But when four Thai women from a massage parlor in Stockholm are found brutally executed and a fifth...

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