Written by: Zane Grey
Narrated by: Richard Ferrone
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Written by: Zane Grey | Narrated by: Richard Ferrone
On the lonely plains of Utah amid thieves and outlaws, a formidable wild stallion called Panguitch is the ultimate prize for cowboy Chane Weymer… From a prolific and celebrated author who’s had “a deep and pervasive effect” on the western genre (The New York Times).


Panguitch is king of the wild mustangs. A magnificent stallion the color of a lion, except for his black mane and tail, he has been unsuccessfully sought for years by a number of horse hunters. Chane Weymer can hardly believe when the Paiute Chief, Toddy Nokin, confides in him, a white man, that Panguitch and his herd are on Wild Horse Mesa in Utah. How can a herd of horses be on the...

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