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Written by John Hersey
Narrated by George Guidall
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Written by John Hersey | Narrated by George Guidall
A Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist takes listeners through the terrible events of August 6, 1945 — a day that dawned like any other but would bring destruction and tragedy to the citizens of Hiroshima. This stirring classic bears witness to the memories of six survivors in an account that “speaks for itself, and in an unforgettable way, for humanity” (The New York Times).


A journalistic masterpiece. John Hersey transports us back to the streets of Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945—the day the city was destroyed by the first atomic bomb. Told through the memories of six survivors, Hiroshima is a timeless, powerful classic that will awaken your heart and your compassion. In this new edition, Hersey returns to Hiroshima to find the survivors—and to tell their...

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