Written by: Jane Austen
Narrated by: Anna Bentinck
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Written by: Jane Austen | Narrated by: Anna Bentinck
When it comes to the revered sport of matchmaking, no one is quite as adept — or at least as driven — as the self-satisfied heroine of this literary classic. In this lively comedy, spoiled Emma loves nothing more than meddling in her friends’ affairs, even as she remains utterly blind to her own romances…


Emma is a literary classic by Jane Austen following the genteel women of Georgian-Regency England in their most cherished sport: matchmaking. Emma is spoiled, headstrong, and self-satisfied. After a couple she has introduced gets married, she greatly overestimates her own matchmaking abilities and, blind to the dangers of meddling in other people’s lives, proceeds to forge ahead in her new...

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