A Novel
Written by: Mark Tullius
Narrated by: Tee Quillin
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A Novel
Written by: Mark Tullius | Narrated by: Tee Quillin
If you like your science fiction on the dark side, you’ll love this audiobook! Joe Nolan is a telepath with a secret, and he’s getting out of town… no matter what it takes. The narrator weaves a hypnotic tale of a dystopian future that’s part 1984, part Blade Runner.


Brightside: A Psychological Thriller
Imagine a world where the person next to you—stranger, friend, lover—has the ability to creep into your mind and steal your most intimate thoughts. Now imagine you are the Thought Thief who is so greatly feared that your freedom and your life are threatened. Welcome to Brightside…you won’t be leaving.

Brightside, by Mark Tullius, takes a unique twist on the...

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