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Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults

Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults

Written by Collected Authors
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Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults

Written by Collected Authors | Narrated by Jonathan Keeble & Joan Walker
Looking for an escape from the stress of your everyday life? We’re here to tell you that bedtime stories aren’t just for kids! Retreat into a calming compilation of classic stories, poems, and beloved childhood tales. Cultivated with care, this soothing listen will carry you gently away to dreamland.


Tales to soothe tired souls. A nighttime companion for frazzled adults, including calming stories and poems for a good night’s sleep.

This cheering audiobook of best loved short tales, extracts and poems will calm and restore an anxious mind before sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for our well-being and our health, but in our busy lives sleep is often poor and overlooked.

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