Half Finished

Half Finished

Written by Lauraine Snelling
Narrated by Suzie Althens
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Half Finished

Written by Lauraine Snelling | Narrated by Suzie Althens
You’ll laugh and cry during this inspirational audiobook about faith, family, and the power of friendship! Realizing how many unfinished crafting projects they have, a group of women decide to support one another and hold each other accountable — and along the way, they come to unexpected realizations about their relationships with God.


Recognizing how common it is for crafters to start many projects and finish few, a group of women join together to form a guild—Unfinished Projects Anonymous—to keep each other on track and accountable. Three friends are tasked with the job of home visits for their guild. They are laughingly called the Cartel as they do visits to snoop around craft rooms and knitting baskets to report on progress for the members. The guild has even expanded to checking on half-trained dogs and half-weeded gardens. Over the course of the story, this ensemble of women discover that much of life is half-finished—relationships, the raising of children, even our very relationship with the Lord—and that may be perfectly fine.

Categories: Christian Fiction & Nonfiction
Release Date: March 26, 2019
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Run time: 8 hours and 51 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook

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