Twisted Strands (Handcrafted #1)

Twisted Strands (Handcrafted #1)

Written by Lilia Moon
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer & Ava Erickson
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Twisted Strands (Handcrafted #1)

Written by Lilia Moon | Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer & Ava Erickson
Matteo, a kinky bondage master, spends the night at Liane’s bed-and-breakfast — and they get tied up in each other when their attraction leads to a sensual romance… It’s a perfect match in this audiobook with steamy dual narration!


He ties women up to set them free. She’s not looking for his kind of freedom…

Matteo Ignatius is a corporate consultant who teaches companies how to be kinky, although he doesn’t call it that. He’s also a rope-bondage master. One proud of his tools and in search of the best.

Liane Granger is a flannel-clad artist with a dandelion tattoo and a life that doesn’t need a man, much less the new kitten she somehow acquired when she wasn’t paying attention. She makes handcrafted rope in her small studio on Kootenay Lake and runs an on-again, off-again B&B. One of her best customers is coming to spend the night and pick up a special order.

Which sounds really simple until he walks in her studio door and uses her own ropes to tie her up.

Contemporary Romance


Release Date: October 11, 2018
Publisher: Lilia Moon
Run time: 5 hours and 4 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook

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