The Heirs of Earth

The Heirs of Earth

Children of Earthrise, Book 1
Written by Daniel Arenson
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
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The Heirs of Earth

Children of Earthrise, Book 1
Written by Daniel Arenson | Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Earth has been destroyed by aliens and the last surviving humans live in exile across the stars, dreaming of their lost planet. And then there are the brave Heirs of Earth who fight to return home… Written by a USA Today bestselling author, this gripping space opera takes listeners on an exciting journey!


We hide in shadows. Our planet is lost. We are the last humans, and we must go home.

Two thousand years ago, aliens destroyed Earth. Our fleets shattered. Billions died. The last humans fled a burning planet, heading to the stars.

Today we are still refugees. Hungry. Afraid. Our enemies hunt us everywhere.

So we hide. On distant asteroids. In rundown space stations. In deep caves on frozen worlds. And we dream.

Of green hills. Blue skies. Golden fields. We dream of Earth.

And for the first time, we have hope.

A few of us, just a handful of brave souls, form the Heirs of Earth. We are humans who stand tall. Who fight back. Aliens call us terrorists. The humans we save call us heroes. We have starships, weapons, and warriors. We can bring humanity home.

Earth is far. We have not seen her in many generations. But we have not forgotten. Earth is our heritage. Earth is our birthright. We will return!


Release Date: May 8, 2018
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Run time: 11 hours and 50 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook

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