Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Written by Colleen Oakes
Narrated by Moira Quirk
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Queen of Hearts

Written by Colleen Oakes | Narrated by Moira Quirk
A stunning twist on a classic tale: Dinah will soon become the Queen of Hearts — but before she does, she’ll have to navigate the dangerous political underbelly of Wonderland if she wants to keep her head. Prepare to be enthralled by “heart-stopping action that makes the pages fly” (Publishers Weekly).


The first novel in Colleen Oakes's epic, imaginative series tells the origin of one of the most infamous villains—the Queen of Hearts.

This is not the story of the Wonderland we know. Alice has not fallen down a rabbit hole. This is a Wonderland where beneath each smile lies a secret, each tart comes with a demand, and only prisoners tell the truth.

Dinah is the princess who will one day reign over Wonderland. She has not yet seen the dark depths of her kingdom; she longs only for her father's approval and a future with the boy she loves. But when a betrayal breaks her heart and threatens her throne, she is launched into Wonderland's dangerous political game. Dinah must stay one step ahead of her cunning enemies or she'll lose not just the crown but her head.

A HarperAudio production.

Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins
Run time: 06:55:21
Unabridged Audiobook

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