Death on Demand

Death on Demand

Written by Carolyn Hart
Narrated by Kate Reading
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Death on Demand

Written by Carolyn Hart | Narrated by Kate Reading
A murder mystery perfect for book lovers! When a local author meets his end, South Carolina bookstore owner Annie is pinned for the crime. With help from her ex-boyfriend, Max, can Annie clear her name? From a three-time Agatha Award–winning author.


At Annie Laurance's Death on Demand bookstore on Broward's Rock Island, South Carolina, murder suddenly isn't confined to the well-stocked shelves. Author Elliot Morgan's abrupt demise during a weekly gathering of famous mystery writers called the Sunday Night Regulars is proof positive that a bloody sword is sometimes mightier than a brilliant pen. With Annie in the unenviable position of primary police suspect, the pretty young mystery maven and her wealthy paramour, Max Darling, embark on an investigation into a classic locked-room mystery with high stakes. Failing to unmask a brutal and ingenious killer could mean prison for Ms. Laurance. Success could mean her death. Who could plot a murder better than a mystery writer?

Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Run time: 07:03:40
Unabridged Audiobook

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