Make 'Em Laugh

Make 'Em Laugh

Short-Term Memories of Longtime Friends
Written by Debbie Reynolds & Dorian Hannaway
Narrated by Judith Ivey
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Make 'Em Laugh

Short-Term Memories of Longtime Friends
Written by Debbie Reynolds & Dorian Hannaway | Narrated by Judith Ivey
Celebrate the late, dearly loved Debbie Reynolds by listening to this hilarious and heartwarming audio edition of her memoir. “Anecdotes, chats, and reminiscences abound, deftly written both for the earbuds and the page… This is a delightful romp. Don’t miss the experience” (AudioFile).


The beloved Hollywood star and New York Times bestselling author of Unsinkable continues her intimate chat with fans in this entertaining collection of anecdotes, stories, jokes, and random musings from a woman who has seen it all-and done most of it.

From her acclaimed performances to her headline-making divorce from Eddie Fisher, raising a famous daughter to hitting the road with a successful one-woman show, Debbie Reynolds has been in the spotlight for decades. She’s met presidents, performed for the Queen of England, and partied with kings. A show business icon, she continues to sing and dance-and can drop more names than Andy Cohen.

In this fabulous personal tour, she recalls wonderful moments with the greats of the entertainment world-Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Phyllis Diller, and many, many more-sharing stories that shed new light on her life and career and the glittering world of Hollywood then and now. Debbie has plenty to tell-and in Make ‘Em Laugh, she dishes it in the warm, down-to-earth voice her fans adore.

Debbie shares memories of late night pals and some of the greatest comedians of all time, stories from the big screen and small, and tales of marriage, motherhood, and children. Combining her wicked sense of humor and appealing charm, she reveals the personal side of show business and fame in funny, poignant, and delightful reminiscences. Nothing is off limits: Debbie talks about her sex life, her family drama-and even shares a few secret recipes.

As irresistible as the woman at its heart, this collection shows the consummate skill of a beloved entertainer who truly knows how to Make ‘Em Laugh.

Categories: Nonfiction
Release Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Run time: 05:51:03
Unabridged Audiobook

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